Learn how Pick and Pack Services from First Logistics Specialized Services can help you save time and money

Pick and Pack

Picking and packing single items into multi-pack cartons is far from a simple feat. There are many elements to consider:  knowing the required box size and most appropriate packing materials and documentation, making sure accurate shipping labels are generated and affixed, ensuring that products get to the customer at the promised time through the right delivery method.

First Logistics knows just what it takes because we launched the first large scale pick and pack operation in the Chicago area focused on Internet fulfillment. We swiftly displayed our ability to pick hundreds of multi-part orders for rapid next-day delivery. Some of our biggest accounts went on to become household names.

  • Lower costs while minimizing packaging material.
  • Streamline transportation and ensure undamaged delivery.
  • Free up time that you can use to focus on your core business.
  • Provide a more satisfying customer experience.
  • Handle more orders as your business evolves.

You can trust us to turn around your order quickly and get it to its destination, on time and undamaged.

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