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Meet Karen Galena, President of First Logistics Specialized Services

In today’s competitive environment, success is all about keeping your promises to your customers while streamlining costs. Optimizing your supply chain through traditional inventory management and warehousing is just the tip of the iceberg.

A second important step is uncovering the hidden value in your logistics operations, which when revealed, can slash waste and unlock major cost savings.

It’s here that First Logistics Specialized Services really shine. We’re at our best when we are tackling projects that may not flow through your normal supply chain: building complex kits, customizing displays or racks, or handling returns, refurbishments and recalls. Think of us not as just a warehouse; think of us as your problem-solver.

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Finding Hidden Logistics Costs

Your hidden supply chain—the people, services and processes that support your visible supply chain—is the key to improving the time and efficiencies to moving your products quickly to your customers. First Logistics excels at helping you satisfy customer expectations while managing costs.

Developing Customized Solutions

First Logistics Specialized Services division is attached to an infrastructure that operates as a normal warehouse business. Building on their strengths, we leverage our people and processes to create tailored solutions to build your advantage in your fiercely competitive marketplace.

Uncovering Savings and Efficiencies

Turning to a
third-party 3PL partner with the capability to flex up or flex down and solve your
non-standard supply chain requirements can help
you address and streamline your time-and-labor cost drivers and focus more fully on your core business initiatives.

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