Learn how First Logistics Specialized Services can help you with Retail Supply Chain Warehousing. Saves time and money


Retailers, banks, and chain restaurants spend about $2 billion per year on logistics to support new store openings, remodeling and promotional activities. Most companies manage the logistics support for openings and remodels separately from their traditional merchandise supply chain.

Problem is, these projects by nature tend to occur as intense spikes over and above normal business activities.  Outsourcing the displays, racking, and fixtures that go into a store through a 3PL partner that offers specialized services can keep you on track and offer cross-supply chain visibility.

First Logistics offers you a facility network that can flex up or down as needed for short-term use and also provides supply chain specialized services such as kitting and light assembly. As a result, you can save money, manage more proactively, and reduce waste.

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