Learn about Display Fulfillment / Subscription Boxes from First Logistics Specialized Services

Display Fulfillment / Subscription Boxes

It’s a fact:  according to Internet Retailer, subscription box retail has grown nearly 3,000 percent over a three-year period. Customers love them because they are a convenient way to receive the items they need on their doorstep on a regular basis.

But that can introduce a challenge to a warehouse that is not prepared to carry and process a wide range of SKUs each month in a time-efficient and professional manner. It’s reassuring to know, then, that accurate, precise and seamless assembly is our specialty at First Logistics. Here is how we shine:

Substantial savings: We pass along our significant parcel discount programs, and even manage zone shipping and freight consolidation for special savings.

  • Timely shipping — either the same day or the following day.
  • Ample, organized space with warehouses that are food certified and FDA registered.
  • Skilled kitting and assembly employees with a proven track record of assembly accuracy.
  • Customized packing slip that can include your company log, website, and customer service information.
  • Quick, affordable freight options to move our products from our suppliers to our fulfillment warehouse.
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