Learn how Kitting Solutions from First Logistics Specialized Services can help you save time and money


When several SKUs are combined seamlessly into a single SKU that can be rapidly packaged and shipped, it’s called kitting. For retailers and mid-level marketers, kitting offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from reduced administrative costs to faster production cycles.

First Logistics consistently builds complex kits that can hold up to 20 different products without starting from scratch. Since we pre-assemble 90% of the base kit, we have the capability to get your kit out the door quickly. By leveraging our decades of experience, you can anticipate:

  • Greater savings: Your kits are pre-assembled, which ensures the most efficient use of labor.
  • Minimized shipping errors: Since items are shipped in kits rather than individually, order fulfillment moves forward more seamlessly.
  • Increased flexibility: If you experience a sudden volume spike or last-minute request, it can be efficiently handled since our kits are largely pre-assembled.
  • Accuracy assurance: First Logistics Specialized Services provides built-in quality checks, resulting in an elevation of the entire inventory management supply chain by eliminating lost or misplaced parts.
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